Rosana Light Yoga Mat


Made from 100% biodegradable latex and microfiber, the Miamiko yoga mat is a perfect choice if you appreciate ecological solutions and the highest quality.

Designed by Aleksandra Dębska. @aleksandradebska_
  Ships in 24 h

178 cm x 61 cm yoga mat is the perfect choice for everyone. With 1,5 mm thickness, this mat has never been so light. A special embossing on the bottom ensures that the mat will be in place even during the most energetic session. In addition, you will get a convenient carrying strap.

The Light mat is extremely comfortable on a trip - you can fold it and easily pack into a suitcase.

Remember that the microfiber which covers the mat works according to moisture – the more you sweat, the more grip. It’s that easy! If you aren’t warmed up sufficiently, just lightly moisten your hands or feet.

PVC free – because we also care about you.

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1.8 kg / 4 lbs
178 cm / 70 in
1,5 mm
61 cm / 24 in

After each use, wipe the mat with a wet cloth or towel. Once in a while, wash the mat in the shower using a mild soap or in a washing machine using delicates program.