General provisions

  1. This Privacy Policy sets forth the rules of the protection of personal data of the Clients using the On-line Store operating on the website https://miamiko.comAdministratorem Danych osobowych jest MIAMIKO Jakub Rawek, Aleksandra Dębska s.c. z siedzibą: 05-075 Warszawa, ul. Bartosza Głowackiego 136, posiadająca NIP 952-216-02-33 oraz REGON 366826340.
  2. The Seller is the Administrator of the personal data of the Clients collected by the On-line Store.
  3. The Administrator limits the use and collection of the information to the minimum required for the purpose of the fulfillment of the order at the highest level of service.
  4. The personal data is not made available in any manner other than required for the fulfillment of the Order and the extent of the consent granted.
  5. The Administrator shall make every effort to protect the personal data in the course of their disclosure by the Clients, and in particular, shall ensure that the data the Administrator collects is processed in compliance with the law.
  6. Any words, expressions and abbreviations appearing on this website and beginning with a capital letter (e.g. the Seller, the On-line Store and the Client) shall be construed in accordance with their definition included in the Rules and Regulations available on the On-line Store website.

Purpose of data collection

  1. The data disclosed by the Client during the registration is used only and exclusively for the purpose of enabling the Client to log in to the online store website and for the purpose of order acceptance and completion, including the provision of contact data to ensure contact between the Client and the Seller.
  2. Data collected during the purchase transaction is used exclusively for the purpose of processing the payment for the order.
  3. The data collected due to direct contact between the Client and the Online Store via the website is used exclusively for the purpose of correspondence with the Client and replying to the Client’s inquiry.

Basis for data processing

  1. Disclosure of personal data is voluntary, but indispensable for using certain functionalities of the Online Store that is placing an Order.
  2. During the registration in the Online Store, the Ordering Party completes the registration form providing the following information: name, surname, an accurate address for the delivery, telephone number, e-mail address.

Access to personal data

  1. In accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text (Journal of Laws no 2002, number 101, item 926 as amended); The Seller ensures free access to personal data, its change and removal.
  2. The Client shall have the right of access to his or her personal data and its amendment via the Online Store or via the telephone.
  3. The Client may make changes in the data provided in the Online Store system independently.
  4. Access, change, correction or removal of personal data shall be available to the Client at any time from the Client’s account in the Online Store, after prior registration and entry of the login.
  5. The Client may contact the Online Store employee using direct e-mail contact.

Removal of the account

  1. The Client who has opened his or her account in the Online Store may close the account at any time via the Online Store or via the telephone.
  2. The closure of the account is an irreversible process and shall mean the removal of all the data of the Client. Recovery of such an account shall not be possible.


  1. Should you have any queries or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or should you wish to inspect your personal data, correct it or remove it, you are kindly requested to send the appropriate information:
  • via e-mail to the address: [email protected],
  • in a written letter to the address: MIAMIKO, Glowackiego 136, 05-075 Warsaw, Poland
  • via telephone contact with the Seller: +48 662 134 357

Cookies Policy

  1. Cookies are small files, recorded and stored on a computer, tablet or smartphone when visiting different sites in the Online Store.
  2. A cookie usually contains the name of the website it comes from, validity date of the cookie (its life) and randomly generated a unique number for the identification of the browser connecting with the website.
  3. Cookies are usually very useful. Due to them, individual settings are stored and you can log in to an individual account.
  4. If the Client does not agree to the use of Cookies by the Online Store, they should change the settings of their browser appropriately or cease using the On-line Store website.


  1. Newsletter – News sent on the regular basis in the form of e-mail messages sent to multiple addresses. The newsletter shall include the information concerning the operations of the On-line Store e.g. the information about the new Goods and current promotions.
  2. The Client can order the Newsletter service by entering his/her e-mail in the form at the On-line Store website.
  3. The entered e-mail address shall be confirmed by clicking the link in the e-mail message confirming the service ordered.
  4. The Client shall use the Newsletter service in any manner and for the unspecified period of time.
  5. Newsletter is a free service.
  6. The Client can terminate the Newsletter service at any time.
  7. The termination can be notified via an e-mail message.

Final provisions

  1. The Administrator is fully aware that it is liable for the protection of the data provided by the Clients. The Administrator ensures that the security issues are the Administrator’s top priority. For that reason, the Administrator makes every effort to protect the Online-Store against unauthorized access of third parties and monitors the methods of collection, storage and processing of the information.
  2. The Administrator uses equipment protecting the server, encoding devices and physical means of security.
  3. Access is only granted to the employees and entities, requiring such access for the purpose of processing the information exclusively for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy.