Incense Set - White Sage and Palo Santo


A proposal for those who value daily ritual, seeking tranquility, rest and relaxation. It's perfect for people who live in harmony with themselves, celebrate moments and believe that experiencing every second is an important element of everyday life. It is also a good option for those busy ones, in need of easing and a little bit of relaxation in the evenings. Something for people looking for beautiful and aromatic fragrances, as well as for those who believe in the meaning of symbolic celebrations.

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Palo Santo in Spanish literally means "sacred tree" and is a species of tree growing only in the regions of southern Africa. It is used while performing folk shamanic rites and during meditation. It is believed to have a beneficial effect of cleansing of negative energy, and above all, of negative emotions accumulated in man. It calms down, positively affects the feelings, introduces peace and balance.

White sage comes from the southwestern part of the United States and has been used during major ceremonies for centuries. It is believed to possess healing and even restorative properties. To this day, it is used in some medicines. In contrast, the sage leaves smoke alone is suitable for cleansing the air indoors.

Also remember not to leave the burning incense unattended around flammable items, in places accessible to children or animals.

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White Sage: 20 g; Palo Santo: 20 g

White Sage

Set the sage on fire and put it out after a moment. Insence the room yourself or selected objects.

This ritual cleanses the energy, preparing you for a new, fresh beginning -of the day, meditation, intention or a certain stage in life. The beam is reusable.

Palo Santo

Set fire to the end of the piece of wood, after a while blow out the fire to make it glow. Insence the room, yourself or place it on a plate so that it smolders calmly.